Pu food grade hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose has very strong compressive transmission capacity, and not for the conveying material to produce pollution

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-07

pu food grade hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose has very strong compressive transmission capacity, and won't produce pollution for the conveying material, adopts the pu materials, based on the process equipment of Germany, about 1. 2 mm thickness, the lining is smooth, conveying the food material is very smooth, in 304 stainless steel wire spiral reinforcement, tube wall to increase the strength, do not contain organic plasticizer ( DMP, DEP, DIBP, DMEP BMPP, DEEP, DPP, DHXP, BBP, DBEP, DCHP, DEHP, DNOP, DNP and diphenyl phthalate) Phthalates and latex harmful material such as additives, so will not produce pollution for conveying liquid materials, is meets the requirements, and are widely applied to each big wineries wine dedicated pipeline.

pu food grade hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose used to convey various fluid material, not decompose the smell and taste, and the inner wall is smooth non-stick water, easy to wash care; Can be high temperature disinfection and high pressure sterilization; High heat/cold resistance: can be used to - Wide range of 40 ~ 150 ℃. Usually used for suction and delivery anti-wear protection, high flow rate of wear and tear 'strong solid, such as sand, gravel, food, grain, broken glass and debris; Gas and liquid medium, antimicrobial and hydrolysis, good chemical resistance, good uv and ozone resistance, used as a durable protection tube, applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care and biotechnology industries such as food and fluid absorption line.

pu food grade hose, pu food grade hose steel wire with high tensile, Zhang Liqiang, tear strength, wear resistance, resistance to flex, penetration resistance, good low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, such as performance, with strong elastic copper coated steel wire in the tube wall cladding; Wall: - polyether type PUR, about 1. 5 mm wall thickness, the lining is smooth; General PVC hose, rubber hose high wear-resisting 10; Resistance to wear and the underlying steel wire strengthen the strength of the pipe, resistance to high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, the shaft of the high strength, smooth material, bending radius approximately equal to the diameter, good chemical resistance, anti-static hose ( On the basis of BGR - 132年,原古银1/200) Spiral wire grounding.

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