PU steel smooth tube, food-grade plastic wire smooth duct is to use embedded tendons enhanced in anti-aging, raw material and resistance to ultraviolet radiation

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-13

PU steel smooth tube, food-grade plastic wire smooth duct is to use embedded reinforcement increased raw material contained in anti-aging, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, has the very high anti-aging performance, strong flexibility, small bending radius, under the minimum bending radius, the hose is not knot, qualitative light, have strong ability of negative pressure resistance, weather resistance, can be in the medium to long term storage ventilation shade environment, this series of steel wire hose for a number of advantages, is widely used in industry, agriculture and other industries suction powder, solid particles and conveying water, oil, acid, alkali and other medium, can also be used for sanitary ware, disengage the special industrial dust collector vacuum tube, products have various color to choose, design is beautiful. Is the high cost and aging pipes alternative.

PU steel smooth tube, smooth duct using food grade steel wire with copper coated steel wire inside Germany imported raw materials, antibacterial and hydrolysis, good chemical resistance, wear resistance and the underlying copper coated steel wire strengthen the pipe strength and resistance to high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, the shaft of the high strength, smooth material, this series of steel wire hose food-grade comply with FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600年和178年。 2010,EC guideline 2002/72/EC( 原90/128 / EEC) , approximately equal to the diameter and bending radius can be static, On the basis of BGR - 132年,原古银1/200) Spiral wire grounding, which are widely used in industrial dust collection, such as woodworking machinery vacuum tubes, furniture factory used for wear and tear strength of solid, such as dust, powder, fiber, chip, and grain, gas and liquid environment, for dust removal and aspirated plant, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibers.

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