PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose expansion is a multipurpose hose, suitable for wear and tear 'material transmission and absorption of the row

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-12

PU wire vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose expansion is a multipurpose hose, suitable for the transmission and absorption of abrasion resistant material, due to its characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, - 40℃本; — 150 ℃ 90 ℃ even short time) , high wear resistance, As our common quality soles, are all made with PU material) , high flexibility, Small bending radius, simply put good flexibility, meet the arbitrary bending, arbitrary scaling) And so on. At present, has a large number of alternative to glass fiber insulation materials, timber, traditional rubber products, etc. Main color is yellow, transparent, translucent, a few kinds of color, such as the inside and can show enhanced support and rigid plastic steel wire. More main, PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose expansion can outwit some industry applications: some specific industries, there may be more ground water, or water, a mixture of dust and debris, clean up and complex. Invested a lot of manpower, material resources, low work efficiency not only, and higher labor cost, but with small, this time will need to use the PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose expansion, meet these requirements.

PU wire vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose expansion is copper coated steel wire spiral reinforced with high adhesion, wall smooth, to ensure smooth material flow in the tube, and the traditional rubber hose and PVC hose with extremely high wear resistance and service life. The wall thickness of the same product, different specification 1. 5 mm. Mineral oil resistant, resistant to chemicals. Has excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance, low temperature can still maintain good flexibility. Do not contain halogen, conform to the requirements of the RoSH environmental protection instruction. Spiral wire grounding can be static, especially on vacuum tube replacement, but also has the trend of The Times gradually replace the low-end outdated aspiration of PVC pipe, this product has long been used in woodworking, textile, plastic, PCB, environmental protection, original hose sweeping machine and so on mechanical device, in the plastic industry can be used in the high-speed transmission of plastic particles and broken material. In the woodworking industry, textile industry, dust collection areas and industrial cleaning is also widely used.
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