Pu steel wire hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose is imported pu material, and added to the German process equipment

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-08

pu steel wire hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose is imported pu material, and added to the German process equipment, this kind of pu material food grade hose about 1. 2 mm thickness, the lining is smooth, conveying the food material is very smooth, in 304 stainless steel wire spiral reinforcement, tube wall to increase the strength of the hose itself, also make its strong compressive transport capacity, also food grade hose does not contain organic plasticizer ( DMP, DEP, DIBP, DMEP BMPP, DEEP, DPP, DHXP, BBP, DBEP, DCHP, DEHP, DNOP, DNP and diphenyl phthalate) Phthalates and latex additives and other harmful substances, won't produce pollution for conveying liquid materials, is in line with the requirements of food hygiene.

pu steel wire hose, pu food-grade steel wire hose used to convey various fluid material, not decompose the smell and taste, won't produce pollution to the delivery of food; Smooth wall non-stick water, easy to wash care; Can be high temperature disinfection and high pressure sterilization; High heat/cold resistance and can be used for - 40 ~ 150 ℃ broad scope, applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care and biotechnology industries such as food fluid absorption, contains 50% alcohol concentration liquid delivery and vacuum pump, PVC pipes, rubber hose, metal pipe alternative products.

pu steel wire hose, pu food grade hose steel wire has excellent heat aging resistance, at high temperature for a long time, Which can gust higher than 135 ℃) Environment can keep the homogenous nature, does not crack or sticky; The environment of low temperature performance is good, in - 60 ℃ temperature can still maintain good crooked, good fatigue resistance, excellent durability, wear-resisting performance is good; General chemical resistance, non-toxic, good uv and oxidation resistance, the series of food grade hose is widely used in industry, agriculture, water conservancy, fishery, civil engineering, food, health, petrochemical and other industries, is the high pressure pump, pipe conveying water, oil, powder particles. Can also be used in food, brewing, beverage, medicine, health and other industries, is a high pressure, suction, conveying water, oil, powder particles of pipes.

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