PVC round duct, PU round duct, PU light into the duct, PVC transparent round duct

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-01

round duct, PVC PU round duct, PU light into the duct, PVC transparent round duct is non-toxic, transparent, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, negative high voltage, high elastic resistance, long service life; Vacuum and high pressure resistance, compression resistance, smooth, good chemical resistance, the performance characteristics of high strength galvanized steel wire spiral embedded in the pipe wall flexibility strong, transparent tube body, the high visibility of fluid conveying and empty flow; Wall ( According to the FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600年和178年。 2010. EC GUITELINE 2002/72/EC( 原90/128 / ECC) And grounding line of electrostatic ( Based on 132 fromerly BGR useful 1/200) , acid and alkali resistance, chemical waste, flame retardant, wear-resisting, resistance to pull and any expansion of universal shift, and other functions, widely used in agriculture, industry, engineering, mine, oil, petrochemical equipment, such as liquid, gas, oil and powder material conveying.

round duct, PVC PU round duct, PU light into the duct, PVC transparent round duct internal coated glass fiber, heat isolation fiber, coating glue, external coated glass fiber, spiraling clamp type structure, stainless steel ( VA) ; External structure between wear resistance protection, strength, bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter; Compression is 1:6, can withstand the about - 60 ℃ to 400 ℃, can short time about the temperature of 450 ℃, widely used in all types of plant, the room that defend bath, electronics factory, sewers, shipyards, ventilation, refrigeration, environmental protection engineering. Drainage smoke, moisture, dust, high temperature gas, ventilation, etc. , used in high temperature hot gas boiler smoke, car exhaust emissions, solder cigarette factory, blast heater eduction and welding gas discharge, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heat engines, such as dust, solid powder and fiber, such as steam and smoke gas environment, dust removal and extraction plant, heaters, aircraft equipment and military harmonic bellows and compressor, low pressure environment.
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