Resistance to high temperature exhaust duct, smoke lampblack machine exhaust duct, more environmentally friendly products, more excellent performance

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-08

high-temperature exhaust duct, smoke lampblack machine exhaust duct shenzhen sharp, more environmentally friendly products, more excellent performance, resistant to acid and alkali, and good chemical resistance, easy to carry, oleic acid resistant and flame retardant; Any ways, link free, lighter); Bending radius approximately equal to the diameter, row of electrostatic ( On the basis of BGR 132, their weight. this ly useful 1/200) Spiral wire grounding; Widely used in welding waste flue gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment; Room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, machinery, shipbuilding, mining ventilation, fire smoke extraction such as poor working environment of air supply and exhaust, in addition to the dust.

shenzhen sharp high-temperature exhaust duct, smoke lampblack machine exhaust duct external structure of clamp type wear resistance protection, is very strong, bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter; Compression ratio is 1:6; Inside the use of special g, fiber, coating glue; External structure between spiraling, stainless steel ( VA) 。 Flame retardant conform to DIN 4102 - B1; Temperature range: about - 60 ℃ to + 400 ℃, a short period of time to + 450 ℃; Acid and alkali resistance, chemical waste, flame retardant, wear-resisting, resistance to pull and any expansion of universal shift, and other functions, suitable for drainage of smoke, moisture, dust, high temperature gas, ventilation, etc.

shenzhen sharp high-temperature exhaust duct, smoke lampblack machine exhaust duct used for high temperature hot gas boiler smoke, car exhaust emissions, solder cigarette factory, blast heater eduction and welding gas discharge, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heat engines, such as dust, solid powder and fiber, such as steam and smoke gas environment, dust removal and extraction plant, heaters, aircraft equipment and military harmonic bellows and compressor, low pressure environment. Suitable for all types of plant, the room that defend bath, electronics factory, sewers, shipyards, ventilation, refrigeration, environmental protection engineering.

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