Share with you how to avoid the plastic hose yellowing condition after using for a long time

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-29

shenzhen's sharp to share with you how to avoid the plastic hose yellowing condition after using for a long time:

with the vigorous development of the our country construction enterprise, the construction of our country city high-rise and layer into the construction of the dominant, makes the water supply and drainage installation is more complex and require more closely. Most of these top layer or at the same time have a large basement, but most designers will pump room and fire fighting pool and pump room, pipe ZhuGanGuan, are designed in the basement. And these pipes in basement wall and pool waterproof casing installation is important, waterproof casing improper installation will bring pipeline installation of the late larger problems, so the early stage of the building water supply and drainage installation embedded installation should do well in quality control, ensure that the late pipe installation smoothly.

now the construction of many common waterproof casing classification, is often used in engineering of three kinds of waterproof casing installation to make an introduction: ( 1) Flexible airtight waterproof casing, ( 2) Rigid airtight waterproof casing, 3) On both sides of the rigid airtight waterproof protective casing, the installation depending on the location selection of the different types of casing. Flexible airtight waterproof casing is generally suitable to the area with seismic requirements, under vibration of pipeline wall ( Such as pump suction pipe wall casing) And pipe expansion deformation, or have strict waterproof requirements of buildings ( Such as the basement exterior wall and outside the tank wall) 。 The installation of flexible waterproof casing common is one sided with flange, the flange surface should be paid attention to during the installation process toward, flexible casing flange facing problem is the most prone to the problems in the process of installation, shall be installed according to the specific situation. Generally wear a garage walls ( Retaining wall) The inside casing flange side toward the garage, for easy maintenance. If buried towards in exterior walls, mostly buried in the backfill, the problems are hard to maintain. Even with the pipe shaft and external underground pipeline borehole relatively basement internal moisture, casing flange structure is relatively complex in higher request of casing corrosion, and corrosion maintenance difficult after long time. Such as wear pool wall, the flange side should be on the outside of the cell body, also because of easy maintenance, if the installation in the pool, inconvenient maintenance and easier to constant water corrosion leakage of flange screws caused. There is also a case of installation construction personnel are easy to overlook the flange side towards the problem, that is part of civil air defence basement basement, the civil air defence basement on the partition of the part and the civil air defense also often have the installation of the casing, then the flange side of the installation should pay attention to: the side of the flange should toward the civil air defense.
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