Silica gel network, silica gel ribbed tube, silicone tube, is through the FDA testing, Germany LFBG test qualified silicone hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-08

silica gel net tube, silicone ribbed tube, silicone tube, is through the FDA testing, Germany LFBG silicone hose test qualified, is a kind of silicone rubber thread tube products, is not prepared from respectively with hough line of silicone rubber and silicone rubber without hough line increase muscle, then fix the silicone rubber reinforced steel coil binding on silicone rubber tube on the surface, as required in the silicone rubber coupling on one end or both ends of the threaded pipe moulded again; Inside and outside surface is smooth, no dead Angle, and without the mold production of the surface of the silicone rubber tube inherent hough lines, so especially suitable for medical use. With high transparency, high compressive strength, excellent aging resistance, resistance to oxygen and ozone resistance, light fastness, weather resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, widely used in silicone rubber products, photoelectric, medical, food packaging, construction, automotive, aerospace, communications, office, family, and other fields.

silica gel net tube, silicone ribbed tube, silicone tube, with non-toxic, no smell, high transparency, the same yellow; Soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink deformation; No crack, long service life, cold resistant high temperature; Have a higher resistance to tear strength and superior electrical properties; In line with the eu environmental requirements, with excellent electrical insulation, corona resistance, arc resistance, high permeability, smooth inner wall, good physiological inertia and biological stability, this series of silicone tube is widely used in demanding biological products, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and beverages, alcoholic beverage, water treatment, scientific research institutes, laboratories and medical equipment, packaging machinery, clinical medicine and other fields, is an ideal alternative to similar imported silicone hose products.
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