Silicone braided hose steel wire, weaving silicone transparent wire tube meet ISO 10993 standard biological adaptability of documents is qualified

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-10

silicon braided hose steel wire, weaving silicone transparent wire tube meet ISO 10993 standard documents are qualified products, biological adaptability with USP CLASS VI, the FDA and NSF51 and 3 - A standard. Ultra smooth inner cavity can reduce the probability of particles and the accumulation of microbial adsorption, smooth and 3 other hose, and contribute to the cleaning and disinfection of the whole system, has the smooth lumen, reducing the possibility of adsorptive particles or bacteria residue; The smallest extractability, helps to maintain the integrity of the liquid transmission, suitable for application in the laboratory, super pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, disinfection liquid filling and transmission, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy products; Pharmaceutical, biological, medical, cosmetics, food processing and application. Transport corrosive chemical medium or organic solvents. ( For example, loading and unloading of ammonia, etc. ) Conveying high temperature gas, hot oil such as high temperature medium. ( For example: hot steam, heat conduction oil, etc. ) Delivery or cryogenic medium at low temperature. ( For example, liquid nitrogen) Under the environment of high temperature conveying medium such as water, steam, oil. ( For example, coking, steelmaking, continuous casting equipment in water system and hydraulic system) Need to shock or eliminate noise of pipeline. ( For example: the import and export of the pump)

silicon braided hose steel wire, weaving silicone transparent wire tube is to use a highly active adsorption material, usually with sodium silicate and, and the aging, acid soak and a series of post-processing process and system. NH2O. Insoluble in water and solvent, and chemical properties of stability, in addition to the strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with the material. Various types of silicone because of the different manufacturing methods and form different microporous structure. Chemical components and physical structure of the silica gel, determines it has many other features of similar materials difficult to replace, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, has high mechanical strength, etc.

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