Special food filling silicone hose, milk filling special silicone hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-14

special food filling silicone hose, milk filling special transparent silicone hoses, resistant to high temperature 250 ℃, in a sealed environment heating reduction, USES the high quality silica gel ( Brand new imported food grade silicone raw materials) , through scientific formula, process, has good stability, because it is produced in the after Class1000 of clean room, suitable for pharmaceutical, biological, medical, cosmetics and food processing applications. Braided reinforcement layer in the soft tube wall enhanced hose compressive capacity. Woven reinforced silicone hose after a large number of physical, chemical and biological detection, USP Class VI, the FDA CFR 177. 51, 2600, ISO 10993, NSF European pharmacopoeia 31. 9 and 3 a standard. Inside and outside the wall smooth, which makes the material flow inside the food grade hose assembly of full flow, but also to make steel wire hose clean more simple and effective, is the ideal tube health pharmaceutical industry, can also be used for food delivery, comply with FDA standards. Pressure, soft and light, with good resistance to hydrolysis and mold characteristics.

food filling special silicone hose, milk filling special silicone hose is made of strong squeeze a woven reinforced silicone hose, stainless steel wire spiral and fiber woven mesh to strengthen, with elastic; Usually working temperature range: - 73. 3° C to 204. 4° C; CIP and SIP, ray sterilization or high pressure sterilization; Lower decomposition rate suitable for pharmaceutical and biological medical; Kernel: silica gel materials listed NSF51; Temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, dampness and environment; The solution without separation medium smell and taste; In line with the eu environmental requirements, with excellent electrical insulation, corona resistance, arc resistance, high permeability, smooth inner wall, good physiological inertia and biological stability, strict is widely used in biological products, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and beverages, alcoholic beverage, water treatment, scientific research institutes, laboratories and medical equipment, packaging machinery, clinical medicine and other fields, is an ideal alternative to similar imported food grade hose assembly products.

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