Square organ, high temperature resistant square organ is to use the CP structure, can withstand the about - The temperature of the 60 to 250 +.

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-29

square organ, high temperature resistant square organ is to use the CP structure, can withstand the about - The temperature of 60 to 250 +, commonly used in industrial workshop and advanced clean exhaust equipment, dust is resistant to acid and alkali of strong exhaust duct, air supply, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, wear-resisting, resistance to pull, arbitrary scaling function, etc. Product density is small, light weight, convenient for construction and reduce the mechanical structure of the bearing. Good fireproof performance and good mechanical strength, the bending radius of about the same as the outer diameter, external through wear protective spiral wire, in the workshop, electronic equipment, refrigeration, environmental protection drained smoke ventilation engineering, moisture, dust, high temperature gas, ventilation, etc.

square organ, the wall material of high temperature resistant square organ adopts high temperature fiber coating; The spiral wire, stainless steel ( VA) In outer have tough steel ring protection, can drag at random and won't wear duct on the ground, also can bear the weight of the object fire water-proof, acid and alkali, good flame retardant; Strong toughness; High performance price ratio; Resistance to vibration; Good acidproof alkali metal, used in high temperature hot gas boiler smoke, car exhaust emissions, solder cigarette factory, blast heater eduction and welding gas discharge, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heat engines, such as dust, solid powder and fiber, such as steam and smoke gas environment, dust removal and extraction plant, heaters, aircraft equipment and military harmonic bellows and compressor, low pressure environment.

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