Stainless steel corrugated pipe, sanitary stainless steel hose in the national economic construction in various fields has been widely applied in many industry

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-14

stainless steel corrugated pipe, sanitary stainless steel hose tube is to use the color glazed pottery silicone rubber, shining brilliantly, level of food and medicine, no smell and taste, mirrorlike surface treatment in the pharmaceutical, food, beer, drinking water, biological engineering, chemical engineering, air purification, aviation, nuclear industry on national economic development in various fields such as industry more widely used, every year there are a large number of imports, this series of stainless steel hose belongs to the most sophisticated domestic level has been widely used, and exported to foreign countries.

stainless steel corrugated pipe, sanitary stainless steel hose performance usage instructions:

1. Corrosion resistance: due to the surface of stainless steel can form a thin layer of protective film, although this protective film is about 3 & times; 10 - 6 mm, but very strong, even if be destroyed, as long as having oxygen, can immediately regeneration and prevent rust, as long as know the characteristics of stainless steel and used correctly, such as pipes or up to 100 ℃ hot water less corrosive conditions, almost don't have to worry about will rust, also need not worry about common in galvanized steel pipe & other; Rust bumps & throughout; Caused by the phenomenon such as inner diameter decreases or resistance increases, can achieve without blocking the flow of water.

2。 Reliable health and don't have to worry about the red water, green water wait for a phenomenon.

3。 Because of the lighter, easy handling and construction and reduce costs.

4。 Impact resistance, thin-walled stainless steel tube due to the superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, you just need to about a third of the galvanized steel pipe thickness. So pipe much lighter in weight, decreases in the cost of handling easier, more convenient to install.

5。 Distorting: in the construction site, due to the construction site, the limitation of space and construction tools, construction personnel often USES plastic pipe and not forced by construction standard construction, therefore, it is necessary to consider distortion factor of pipe and pipe joints.

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