Stainless steel metal hose is made of thin-walled seamless or the weld metal hose through high precision plastic forming processing

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-12

stainless steel metal hose is made of thin-walled seamless or the weld metal hose after processing precision plastic forming, is one of the modern industrial line of high quality flexible pipe, due to the elastic properties of the metal hose outline determines the hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation of cyclic load, especially in the pipeline system has the ability to compensate for large displacement, thus ensuring the good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal hose, metal hose working temperature range, for - 196 - 600 ℃, in actual use process, according to the pipeline medium grade choose corresponding stainless steel corrosion, and can ensure the corrosion resistance of metal hose, has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, wear resistance, tensile property, water proofing property and provide excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

stainless steel metal hose adopts austenitic stainless steel, is suitable for the need to fully flexible duct, to prevent vibration in matching, for steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical, etc all can use, reference model selection of the specific machine hose material corrosion resistance of the get and nominal size of the corrugated metal hose and pressure gauge, when using please refer to the correct use and installation of metal hose method and the length of the hose during settlement compensation, the product has compact structure, safe and reliable, good compatibility, no leakage, corrosion resistance, easy installation, long life and other advantages. Widely used in aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, steel and cement city heating and other industries of all kinds of pipelines and equipment, and in several provinces and autonomous regions of the country's key for engineering application.
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