Stainless steel wine hose, winery GB9685 - through by a stainless steel hose Food grade (2008 Contains no plasticizer, without plasticizer)

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-23

liquor hose, stainless steel brewery GB9685 - through by a stainless steel hose Food grade (2008 Contains no plasticizer, without plasticizer) , the subject is to use 304 or 316 l stainless steel shape, both ends of stainless steel or carbon steel joint, joint has good corrosion resistance, in line with the eu rules XXXIX BFRS and comply with FDA specifications products, can be safely used in food safety purposes, applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care and biotechnology industries such as food fluid absorption, contains 50% alcohol concentration liquid delivery and vacuum pump, liquor distillery is designated enterprises with wine hose.

stainless steel wine hose, wineries use stainless steel tube and pipe is pu and high strength stainless steel spiral steel wire reinforced and become, have qualitative light, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, high transparency, good, small bending radius, negative pressure resistance ability, can maintain prototype under the vacuum state, the temperature can maintain good flexibility, some strength and service life, do not contain organic plasticizer, phthalates and latex additives and other harmful substances, conform to the requirements of the standard and standard of Europe and the United States, is the laboratory, biotech and pharmaceutical factory in ideal fluid conveying pipe, more wineries wine hose upgrade options.

stainless steel wine hose, winery with stainless steel hose is to pass ROHS and ISO9001, ISO14000 quality management system to strictly control testing, to provide customers with high quality products and technical support, widely used Yu Chaochun liquid transmission, white wine, red wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages of transport to use, disinfection liquid filling and transport, food and fruit juice drinks transmission, dairy products contain 50% alcohol concentration liquid pressure and vacuum extraction. Provides the authoritative third-party authentication contains no plasticizer inspection certificate and customers own detection without plasticizer certificate.

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