Stainless steel wire braided hose, steel wire braided hose polyurethane is NOSS company adopts teflon smooth internal design of a new generation of soft wire

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-17

stainless steel wire braided hose, polyurethane steel wire braided hose is NOSS company USES smooth internal design of a new generation of ptfe hose steel wire, with flexibility, to need good bending corrosive chemical transmission design, open mode helical structure helps to transport medium flow automatically, easy to clean stainless steel corrugated pipe itself, stainless steel wire braided reinforcement are resistant to high temperature and high pressure or corrosion resistance of polypropylene braided reinforcement can for customers to choose two kinds of structure, suitable for all kinds of corrosive material transmission, elastic steam transportation, acid processing, hot oil circulation, solution treatment, the high temperature air and monomer in plastics industry, widely used in high purity dispensing, biotechnology, chemical products and food applications. Also apply to the hot liquid or gas flow.

stainless steel wire braided hose, pu steel wire braided hose is made of stainless steel corrugated pipe outside a layer or multilayer wire or steel nets, match with joint or flange head on both ends, the transmission of a variety of media for flexible components, NOSS company USES smooth internal design of a new generation of ptfe hose steel wire has the following outstanding features: low chemical activity, resistant to all kinds of chemical products, the weathering resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, not easy ageing, low surface friction coefficient, the viscous resistance is strong, excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, 280℃) , hardy ( - 80℃) Resistance, super soft, lightweight, sticky, strong acid, alkali, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for use in construction machinery, air compressor piping, coating machines, dissolves machine, die temperature machine, industrial machine, etc.

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