Super durable antistatic vacuum hose, antistatic polyurethane hose is the woodworking machinery is wearable vacuuming tube ideal choice

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-16

super durable antistatic vacuum hose, wear-resisting antistatic polyurethane hose is the present choice of woodworking machinery wear-resistant dust collection tube, main material is pu, Chinese name is polyurethane, is contained in its molecular structure & ndash; NHCOO— Unit of polymer, the element is composed of isocyanate and hydroxyl reaction, reaction is as follows: & ndash; N = C = O + HOˉ→ — NH - COOˉ。 Its physical and chemical properties between rubber and plastic, has excellent properties. Check wear-resisting property is one of the main indexes of Taber abrasion value, its Taber abrasion value is 0. 35 - 0. 5 mg, is the smallest plastic, it is other plastic can't of, this is he can keep good abrasion resistance. In addition to better improve its wear resistance properties, add lubricants in processing, in order to better reduce the friction between the molecules, the use of lubricant make reduce the friction between the molecules get bigger, so as to further improve the wear-resisting degree. The characteristics of the product itself and the processing is super durable antistatic vacuum hose, the wear-resisting of antistatic polyurethane hose has wear-resisting.

super durable antistatic vacuum hose, smooth material wear-resisting antistatic polyurethane hose, antibacterial and hydrolysis resistance, good chemical resistance, food-grade comply with FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600年和178年。 2010,EC guideline 2002/72/EC( 原90/128 / EEC) , approximately equal to the diameter and bending radius can be static, On the basis of BGR - 132年,原古银1/200) Spiral wire grounding, can withstand the about - 40° C to + 100 & deg; A short period of time can be up to + 125 C & deg; C temperature, applied to have the wear of solid, such as dust, powder, fiber, chip, and grain, gas and liquid environment, for dust removal and aspirated plant, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibers, when protecting tube resistance, resistance to wear protection tube, widely used in pump. Is particularly suitable for wear of solid, such as dust, powders, fibers and particles, the activity of medium such as oil steam and welding smoke, industrial dust removal and suction.

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