The corrugated pipe, wire sheathed wire sheath wave tube bending is a flexible, can the purpose of waterproof insulation wire protection tube

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-29

wire sheath corrugated pipe, wire sheath wave tube bending is a flexible, can waterproof insulation wire protection tube, the purpose of surface use PVC raw materials ( Resistance to ultraviolet ray, prevent aging) , the inner layer are made of galvanized steel strip and the processing of insulation, with thick layer of PVC, smooth appearance, and PVC plastic fire retardant agent is added to its high flexibility, high resistance to friction coefficient, can withstand the 40 ℃ - + 135 ℃, the temperature of the short time of up to 140 ℃, have SGS material performance testing, through the ROHS environmental protection, fire prevention performance level where V0 ( Away from the fire is extinguished 5 seconds) ; Chemical properties to acid, alkali, inorganic salt, water, lubricating oil, widely used in automotive wiring harness, machinery, ships and rail transit can also be used for machine tools such as mechanical, electrical equipment, food machinery, automation instrument, electrical motors, wear is not affected by external forces and insulation protection cable wire.

wire sheath corrugated pipe, wire sheath wave tube bending performance is good, resistance to trample; Internal structure in the smooth and easy in lead wire and cable, structure for the buckle type increase tensile strength, it is not easy to break or deformation, is use PVC with high carbon steel wire spiral + wear-resisting strip refined but become, have to strength, impact resistance, waterproof, flame retardant, heat resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistance and the water is not inflation, arbitrary bending, barge to freedom, lighter); Easy to carry; Wire protection tube environmental non-toxic, no smell, no dust, no fiber crushed, lateral seamless tube body, with no air leakage, wear-resisting wind resistance is small, the compressive strength, etc; Texture features such as stable, is ordinary rubber air duct can't of, suitable for driving, powerful fan with gas used in mine, is widely used in railway, locomotive, transportation system engineering, air conditioning, all kinds of machinery, power plants, chemical industry, electric power transmission and distribution system, communication system, ship, building, in and outside of the plant part of the wiring protection.
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