The flexible hose, flexible industrial hose, flexible waterproof casing, flexible metal hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-26

flexible hose, flexible industrial hose, flexible waterproof casing, flexible metal hose products using new materials, new technology, is the update products, silicon rubber hose and metal hose is made of stainless steel corrugated pipe outside a layer or multilayer wire or steel nets, both ends with joint or flange, used for conveying flexible parts of various kinds of medium. This series of hose corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, - 196℃~+420℃) , light weight, small size, softness is good. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, wood, textile, construction, medicine, food, tobacco, transportation and other industries.

the flexible hose, flexible industrial hose, flexible waterproof casing, the performance of flexible metal hose purposes are:

1, light weight: this series of hose is 40% lighter than the same specifications of silicone rubber hose, 30% lighter than the metal hose. Greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers, convenient operation, improve the working efficiency.

2, this series of flexible hose, bend freely, without being limited by the space: the product can still work normally under the small turning radius, the bending parts, pipe always maintain cone, will never happen fold, the lining falls off and on the tube body fracture phenomenon.

3, positive and negative pressure resistant performance is good, the highest working pressure up to 4. 0 mpa, negative pressure can reach 0. 1MPa。

4, good heat resistance performance: using temperature for - 30℃本; 120 ℃, not because of the climate or use temperature change and the tube hardening or softening phenomenon.

5, the series hose has good oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, is widely used in transportation of crude oil, fuel oil, ShiPinYou and chemical solvents, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and so on.

6, the series hose has good static export function: when transporting oil inflammable media, such as pressure, velocity, friction factor, will produce certain static, such as not timely export, defies the imagination. This product is supported by internal and external armoured double wire connection, electric conductivity, the use of safe and reliable.

7, a molding head hydraulic contraction, good sealing, the tube body of the product and flange connection parts, my company USES a large hydraulic withhold equipment, molding shrinkage head compared with similar products, sealing good, beautiful, durable, will not appear by pressure rise abruptly joint falls off phenomenon.

8, sea water corrosion resistance is strong, because of using the environment is different, in the coastal or offshore operation environment, general metal material is hard to bear the water and air corrosion. Our company according to the environmental characteristics, developed a new type of seawater corrosion hoses, corrosion resistance is 10 times more than ordinary hose ( Proved by the experiment, used in offshore operation 3 years no corrosion) , the price is much lower than the class stainless steel material hose, economical and practical.

the flexible hose, flexible industrial hose, flexible waterproof casing, flexible metal hose, as a kind of modified silicone rubber hose and metal hoses hose, has the characteristics of portable safe, durable, but in its use and silicone rubber hose, metal hose is different. If can be used in strict accordance with the following guidelines to use, it can greatly prolong the service life of the hose.

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