The silicone hose and traditional rubber hose and PVC hose with extremely high wear resistance and service life

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-27

the silicone hose and traditional rubber hose and PVC hose has a very high wear resistance and service life, polyether type of polyurethane material wall, with shock hard Pu plastic spiral reinforcement to strengthen, wall smooth, outer spiral surface texture, qualitative light, super wear-resistant and distortion resistance, resistant to most chemicals, with copper plating color plastic coated steel wire spiral reinforcement. Wall smooth, to ensure that the material in the tube flows smoothly. Different specification of food grade hose wall thickness is the same, all is zero. 9 mm, mineral oil, chemicals, has excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance, low temperature can still maintain good flexibility. Do not contain halogen, conform to the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection directive, raw materials in accordance with the REACH regulation, spiral wire grounding can be static, accord with standard of TRB 2153 3 row of electrostatic.

the silicone hose wall smooth, easy to clean and disinfect. At the same time can provide sanitary hose connection on both ends of the hose, used for docking device. Including the nipple, the joint, flange joint, fast loading card connector, etc. Convenient in food products such as filling, at the same time, food grade hose meet fda health level, also contains no plasticizer, USES the high-grade imported silicone raw materials and a two-component ( A/B) Add molding vulcanizing agent instant vulcanization molding, high room temperature vulcanizing agent as auxiliary function, curing speed, in the process of production to produce food grade silicone hose, and the transparency is very high; Traditional food grade hose using peroxide vulcanization system has the advantages of more efficient tasteless.

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