Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer ( TPU) The material of wear-resisting vacuum hose is between rubber and plastic, with many excellent properties

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-13

thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer ( TPU) Wear resistance of the vacuum hose material is between rubber and plastic, with many excellent properties, has high mechanical temperature, good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, resistance to fuel and solvent resistance, high temperature performance and excellent resistance to uv linear and hydrolysis stability, low temperature flexibility, good weathering resistance, hydrolysis resistance and anti bacteria breeding ground for the application of polyester type TPU on the mechanical strength and high temperature performance, but also has type polyether TPU hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance, good resilience, is suitable for industry application.

1, the wear-resisting vacuum hose has excellent wear resistance, its Taber abrasion value is 0. 35 - 0. The youngest of 5 mg, is plastic. Add lubricant to reduce friction, thus further improve the wear-resisting degree;

2 vacuum hose tensile strength, abrasion resistance and tensile rate: the tensile strength of the TPU is 2 - natural rubber and synthetic rubber 3, polyester type TPU> 60 mpa tensile strength, elongation is 410%, the tensile strength of the polyurethane TPU is 50 mpa, elongation is 550%; Vacuum hose oil resistance 3, wear-resisting, oil resistant properties of TPU is excellent in nitrile rubber, with oil resistant of life; 4, wear-resisting vacuum hose good low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, TPU climate ageing resistant performance is better than that of natural rubber and other synthetic rubber, the characteristics of its resistance to ozone, radiation in space industry some purposes; 5, wear-resisting vacuum hose in food health care has the biocompatibility and blood, medical TPU application more and more widely. Such as blood transfusion tube, ureter, iv. TPU including strengthening agent, and is widely used in food industry; 6, wear-resisting vacuum hose hardness range: the hardness of TPU is a - 10 Under 15 a, 80 d, have similar compression deformation characteristics. Remain flexible in 85 a hardness, this is what other elastomers have not feature, so the TPU with high load support capability and good absorption effect.
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