Wear resistant hose material and specification of products

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-21

shenzhen's sharp wear resistant hose manufacturing co. , LTD. Supplies sales hose, high wear-resisting sandblast hose series products, the company has a good market reputation, sales and technical services team, with series wear resistant hose business for many years experience, familiar with and understand wear-resisting sand blasting hose, high wear-resisting sandblast hose series market, won the praise of domestic and foreign manufacturers, welcome calls to negotiate culvert!

resistant hose product material and specification

1. Sandblasting pipe technical support: this product by the company's technology department together united rubber hose, adhesive research center expert development, using unique formula and production process. 2. Sandblasting pipe features: the glue: using polyurethane and butyl rubber as main raw materials, and adding reinforcing agent. Plastic color for yellow transparent in the finished product, has the characteristics such as high wear resistance, high toughness, high pressure resistance, abrasion resistance index is 2 - ordinary sand blasting hose 3. In the industry enjoy & other; Wear-resisting king & throughout; The reputation. Enhancement layer fabric sandblasting hose is made of high quality clean tape for enhancement layer, flexible to work hard, ability to under pressure; Steel braided sand blasting hose adopts copper plating special steel wire braided hose, work under pressure is 3 - fabric hose 4, with a high degree of pressure, flexible characteristic of superior performance. 3. Using range: the product is mainly used for all kinds of tunnel engineering, mine, caverns, slope protection spray anchor in hydropower, mining, military and other fields have a wide range of applications. 4. Quality commitment: it is recommended for the first time use this product with other manufacturers to use, with the advantages of our products.

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