Wear-resistant plastic hose, food-grade wear hose can meet the demands of the American association of materials laboratory of ASTM D2176, will not come in direct contact with food

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-11

wear-resistant plastic hose, food-grade wear hose can meet the demands of the American association of materials laboratory of ASTM D2176, contact food does not produce harmful substances, is a strong elastic copper coated steel wire coating on tube wall; Wall: - polyether type Polyurethane, about 0. 6mm- - 0. 9 mm wall thickness, ordinary PVC hose, rubber hose 10 wear-resisting, resistance to wear, the copper coated steel wire grounding can row of static electricity, the inhale row material can all use, high intensity of shaft is superior, the transportation material is fluent, good chemical resistance. Small bending radius, telescopic 3:1, especially suitable for the motion of the mechanical equipment, food grade hose at the same time can also be used in the food industry, health industry, can better meet the requirements of delivery from all walks of life.

wear-resistant plastic hose, food-grade wear-resistant hose is a combination of food-grade polyurethane hose service life is long and the characteristics of wear-resisting material transportation, at the same time maintain flexibility and operational simplicity. The production process of coaxial hose made clear, is the choice material handling applications. We also supply used to help users to complete the installation of throat hoop, the FDA standard, has excellent abrasion resistance and super smooth inner hole, can provide the material flow, clear food grade hose enables users to visually monitoring of material flow, with a strong spiral reinforcement.

wear-resistant plastic hose, smooth food grade hose wear-resisting material, do not contain halogen, meet the requirements of the directive RoSH environmental protection food grade standard is applicable to industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, sanitary industry such as vacuum suction powder, granule, conveying water, oil, chemical material, food, etc. , high flow rate have wear the grains of sand, gravel, fine grained, useless glass and chip, gas and liquid environment, silo conveyor, glass industry, docks, steel mills, mines, shipyards, cement and other conveying pipe, when strong protection tube, at the same time food grade hose in farmland irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depot, pumping sand, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas emissions, powder, dust absorption, and other fields has a wide range of USES.

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