What are main products for Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment to export?
Shanghai Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. has been licensed for the exports of combi ducting . A copy of the export license may be offered if a specific requirement is made. In China, complicated formalities should be gone through if a supplier wants to get an export license.

Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment is designed to provide customers with the perfect experience of acoustic flexible duct. The semi rigid flexible duct series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The design of Xuanyuan insulated aluminum flex duct involves many aspects. It mainly includes process mechanics, structural dynamics, process dynamics, stability, and CAD/CAM integration. It is made of spiral steel wire laminated with aluminium/polyester foil. One of our customers said: 'love this shoe. It has the desired sturdiness yet unexpected comfort. It keeps my feet secure.' It is suitable for HVAC jobs that require stability and resistance to weathering.

Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment ensure high quality acoustical flex duct service for its costumers. Inquiry!
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