When cleaning air conditioning vacuum tube points should be paid attention to

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-25

points should be paid attention to when air conditioning vacuum tube cleaning

air conditioning in the vacuum tube equipment is a complete set of equipment. For vacuum tube should be paid attention to the choice of the following:

and dust collection tube connection convenience. Due to the cleaning process, the vacuum tube between need and pipeline connection work. So with all the conveniences of pipe connection is to improve the work efficiency problems which should be considered. Good design should ensure that every connection time less than 60 seconds, the connection after sealing is good.

use vacuum tube should be scalable. Because of the dust collection equipment used by the vacuum tube is 250 mm in diameter, and length of 5 meters, transport and handling is very troublesome. So the vacuuming pipe should be affordable telescopic vacuum negative pressure, expansion should be greater than 3:1, with convenient transportation and moving in the construction site.

use reasonable filter. Vacuum tube depends to a large extent depends on the use of filters, good filter design should be on the premise of guarantee the filtration efficiency, ensure the air flow and pressure loss is minimal. General bag dust collection tube can not this standard, please choose to use a special filter vacuum tube.

filter is easy to change. Because during the construction of a clean need to replace filters for many times, in the filtering effect. So the filter replacement convenience is one of the important problems affect the service efficiency of dust collection tube. Good design should guarantee replacement filters for less than 60 seconds at a time.

use reasonable fan. According to the standard, the fan should use 220 v voltage, noise is less than 85 decibels. So, with reasonable design, low noise fan. Fan produced by negative pressure should be large enough to ensure the cleaning vacuum tube in vacuum work requirement.

the necessary control part. Vacuum tube should be equipped with control system include: filter blocking alarm function, the filter the dust amount more than the set value on the automatic alarm, to remind user to replace the filter; Leakage of motor, over current, overload, overheat alarm function, due to the vacuum tube in the cleaning work strength is very big, so the use of the motor to make the necessary security and protection, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

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