Wind turbine gearbox exhaust duct is a is made of high temperature and high pressure cylinder a whole forming ventilation pipe resistance to flame retardant anti-static function

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-10

wind turbine exhaust duct is a gear box is made of high temperature and high pressure cylinder a whole forming resistance to flame retardant anti-static function of ventilation pipe, used in area that may contain blowout mixture ( Blowout protection, prevention from static explosion) , high flow rate and the wear of solid powder ( Easy to gather by electrostatic starch; Metals ( Aluminum powder, magnesium powder) ; Coal; Feed ( Such as blood meal, fish meal) Dust and so on, chip and fine grained, gas and liquid environment, industrial vacuum cleaners, granular material transport systems, printing machines, blow and compressor, when the strong protection tube, wear proof, conducting the removable with a conveying pipe inner impedance 10 3 to the power of fire retardant anti-static; Surface impedance of 6-10 11 power, heavy, strong and wear-resistant.

wind turbine gearbox of the outer part of the exhaust duct using fire American Du Banghai villa ( Kevlar) Material, the inner 316 l stainless steel fibre; Because there are tough outer steel ring protection, can freely drag on the ground and do not wear resistance to negative pressure, Also can bear the weight of the object anti-static, fire prevention, waterproof, anti acid and alkali; Wall itself can be conductive, pressure and vacuum resistance, smooth material, good chemical resistance, toughness, bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter, inner 3 of impedance 10 square, comply with the European ATEX, ISO8031 standard, can withstand the about - Temperature of 40 to 200 +, can be customized 400 degrees, 600 degrees, 800 degrees of tube, can row of electrostatic ( On the basis of BGR - 132年,坚定ZH1/200) Electrostatic production environment is suitable for the need to row, resistance to fire retardant anti-static anti-static function of ventilation pipe full body, prevent explosion, explosion danger happening.
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