Wire tensile resistance performance of corrugated hose is excellent, good tensile strength, elongation at break of up to 10

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-17

steel corrugated hose tensile resistant performance is excellent, good tensile strength, elongation at break of up to 10, has a large number of alternative to glass fiber insulation materials, timber, traditional rubber products, with the appearance of the superior good toughness, feel soft and mild texture, surface gloss can be adjusted; Prevent slippery, earthquake, impact resistance, good elasticity; Have excellent heat aging resistance, at high temperature for a long time, Which can gust higher than 135 ℃) Environment can keep the homogenous nature, does not crack or sticky; The environment of low temperature performance is good, in - 60 ℃ temperature can still maintain good crooked; Good fatigue resistance, excellent durability, wear-resisting performance is good; General chemical resistance, non-toxic, good uv and oxidation resistance; Can transport air, dust, sand, wood chips or broken wood, corrugated with natural rubber hose steel wire is more superior properties, and wide range of USES, the applicable scope wide, in agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depot, pumping sand, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas emissions, powder, dust absorption, and other fields has a wide range of USES.

the wall through thickening processing of steel corrugated hose, its wear resistance and better resistance to negative pressure, the pipe material for abrasion resistance of polyurethane - Antimicrobial resistance to hydrolysis, copper coated wire spiral reinforcement embedded in the tube wall, flexible bending, stretching, wear-resisting strength and breaking elongation is good. Its high wear resistance and resistance to bending performance of PVC material 5. Weathering resistance, resistant to most chemicals, can withstand the - The temperature of 40 c to + 90 c, excluding softener, halogen free, no cadmium and according to the FAD management conditions of production, are widely used in dust collection and ventilation for the woodworking industry, plastic and chemical industry is used as light solid, air and gas ducts; From industry, corrugated hose with steel wire can also be used to do all kinds of automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, mining machinery, ships, machine tools, train, high pressure cleaning machinery, petrochemical equipment, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, cable sheath, instruments and meters, food equipment, medical equipment and other products of suction pipe.

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